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Nowse Hosting Services
nowse hosting nowse hosting is personalized hostin With all the other hosting services out there, most selling their services for next to nothing, why choose Nowse Hosting as your host? It's simple, Nowse Hosting is a premier hosting company owned and maintained by someone who has been in the business of hosting Web site sites for over ten years (and building them for over fifteen). In other words, we know what a good host is, and we know what your Web site needs to be successful. It's our goal to make your experience the best it can be.
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Time-tested Quality
nowse hosting a I'm proud to say that Nowse Hosting has been in operation for over ten years, and in that time we've never had an outage (caused by us) longer than an hour or two. That proves we're doing something right. Our first concern is for our clients so we don't pack the server with too many account. Second we use the servers ourselves, so if the server goes down, we go down. {view server status}
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nowse hosting is personalized hostin
The Best Hosting Options Available!
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Nowse Hosting does something slightly unique with our hosting plans. While other hosting companies may start at a low price, they tend to charge for addons that we include to everyone. Each account created, regardless of the hosting plan chosen, has all the same features–nearly every option that there is. The only difference between plans is the amount of space you have.

All accounts include the following:

*cPanel Control Panel
•Linux Operating System
•Unlimited Domain Hosting
•Unlimited E-mail Accounts
•Unlimited MySQL Databases
•Fantastico Software Installer
•Web Site Tracking
•and much more

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Still Not Sure?
  Well, in reality I can't help except to say that I'm proud of Nowse Hosting. I'm proud of our service, our uptime, our options, and extremely poud of standing the test of time.

We do offer a 15 day no-questions-asked refund policy just in case you are not satisfied. {Or send us your questions}

nowse hosting is personalized hosting

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