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  If you'd like to contact Nowse Hosting in regards to items not directly associated to your hosting or client services account(s) please use the form below. For all other matters, please submit a support ticket.
Land-based Mail
  Kenneth Curtis
American University in Dubai
Department of Visual Communications
PO Box 28282
Dubai, UAE

+971 4 318 3239

Note: If you are having problems with getting your email you need to figure out what the problem is. Just sending a comment that your email doesn't work doesn't tell me anything except that you can't get your email. Could it be your computer? The server? The server uses a self signed certificate, did you say that you trust it? If you didn't, then you've told your computer not to connect to the mail server. That's what I think has happened, but without more information I can't help. Also, I've checked my email accounts and all my email is working fine, profdig included. There have been some major changes on the server, but like I said, the email works fine for me.

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