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About Nowse Hosting  
The Company

Nowse Hosting is a part of The Nowse Network of web sites. This network is nothing more than a group of sites that were created under the title of Nowse. Though there are several ways that people pronounce our name, I pronounce it with a long "0" like "nose" or like I like to think of it, as "knows."

The Nowse Network in its original form was known as Nowse Web Design and was started by me, Ken Curtis, in 1997 while I was a student in undergrad. One Web site turned into two, and two into four, and in 1999 I was building sites for others. Though many of the older sites are long gone, searching for nowse will still turn up many sites.

I started hosting sites in 2000 as part of my Web design business, and in 2002 moved to a domain name specifically dedicated to hosting. This site's domain was and is still active today. though it's scheduled for an upgrade early 2011.

Our servers are in a state-of-the-art data center in Houston, Texas and are manned 24-hours a day, 7-hours a week by a well trained technical staff.

All servers run:

cPanel 11.25.0-S45750 - WHM 11.25.0 - X 3.9
Linux CENTOS 5.2 i68

In over ten years Nowse West or Nowse Hosting has never had a server outage for more than two hours that can be attributed to either company or our data center.

This is an important aspect to Nowse Hosting in that the servers are treated with extreme care.They aren't overloaded with too many accounts, I won't allow experimental coding in the base root of the server, and all the servers are monitored constantly. Though it's been stated in other parts of this site, I not only sell hosting I use the servers for my personal sites and if a server goes down, my sites go down.

About Me
  There are a lot of things that I'm dedicated to, but two items really stand out. The first is being a professor. There is nothing better than helping someone attain their potential. Seeing their eyes light up when they "get it" and to know that I had a part in the process. The second is being a member of the world community. through travel and volunteering I do what I can do to help others. From teaching English to workers here in Dubai, to going to Sri Lanka to help outfit an orphanage in desperate need of supplies. It's my hope that I have made a small contribution to others

If you're a student or a leader of a non-profit organization and need hosting, please contact me and if everything checks out I'll give you free hosting. {}


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